Screen Printing: art and precision in every print

Screen printing is an art that combines perfection and durability, offering high-quality prints for a wide variety of products.

This printing method not only guarantees precise results, but also ensures exceptional longevity, keeping the prints vibrant and sharp over time.

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Screen Printing: Quality and Versatility.

Highlights in Screen Printing CDMX:

Screen printing allows capturing intricate details and vibrant colors, ideal for textiles, posters, and more. Each screen print is a reflection of our dedication to quality and fine detail. As a leading screen printing company in Mexico, we take pride in our commitment to excellence.

Customization to Your Needs by a Screen Printing Company in Mexico:

In our screen printing company in Mexico, we adapt each screen printing project to the specific needs of our clients. Starting from runs of 2 thousand units to large productions, we guarantee screen prints that faithfully capture your vision.

Durability and Resistance of Screen Prints:

Our screen prints stand out for their longevity and resistance, ensuring that colors and designs remain vibrant and sharp over time. As leaders in screen printing CDMX, we strive to offer products that endure.

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Experience and Track Record

Advanced Technology

Diversity of Materials

Reproduction Quality and Color Stability


Screen Printing

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1. Discovery call

We start with your needs and goals.

2. Quotation

Detailed proposals tailored to you.

3. Printing

Superior quality in every detail.

4. On-Time Delivery

Firm commitment to your deadlines.
Complete Customization for Each Screen Printing Project.

Expert Guidance at Every Step.

We understand the complexity of technical specifications in printing projects. At Impressa, we offer personalized advice to guide our clients through the available options, such as paper type, weight, number of inks, size, special finishes, and more. Our goal is to ensure that each project reflects exactly what you envision. Take a look to our other products.

Screen Printing Starting from 2,000 Units.

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